Get S.E.T.

Skills and Employment Training

No course fees

Full time course

Two intakes

26 week course



NZQA National Certificate in Employment Skills, Level One.

NCEA: National Certificate in Educational Achievement, Levels 1 and Level 2.

First Aid Certificate

Forklift Licence

Food Handling Certificate

Learner Driver Licence

Small Business Planning


About the course

Looking for something different?

Need a job or some new skills and don’t know where to start?

Get S.E.T is the course for you!

Working with you to find out what you really want to do is the first step and our staff will work alongside you to assist you in producing a plan for your future.

We provide individual tailored courses to suit your goals and aspirations. Uncover Dunedin’s hidden job market or create your own employment through the business planning component of the course.

Extra training options like a first aid certificate, food handling certificate, learner driver licence and forklift licence will make your CV look great and give you plenty of options for work.

No goal or vision is too big for you to achieve during your 26 weeks.

This course really does encourage you to ‘Get Set’ for your future! So what’s stopping you?


Other activities

We are realistic at the Kokiri Centre, and we know that to be effective in the classroom it helps to have a variety of other recreational activities.

We aim to balance classroom time with activities involving the whole Kokiri Centre, as well as keeping your physical health in check with outings and activities.

Learn something new, try something new with us at the Kokiri Centre.

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